Comfort and Convenience with Luxury Car Rental for Business Travel in Miami

Luxury Car Rental for Business Travel in Miami

When you travel for business in Miami, a car rental is essential. It is a convenient and reliable way to get around the city and visit its many attractions. From the beautiful Oleta River State Park to the prestigious Florida International University, there are plenty of things to see and do.


With a rental car, you’ll have the freedom to explore all that Miami has to offer. Drive downtown to see the architecture in MiMo, experience the unique atmosphere in Little Havana or Coconut Grove, or visit some of the area’s many water parks and natural attractions.

You can also get to other parts of Florida with ease if you rent a car from the Miami Airport. Take a short drive south to enjoy the beach at Key West or even go as far as New Orleans to experience America’s Deep South.

With convenient shuttle bus service from the Miami Airport to its Rental Car Center, you’ll be able to get your vehicle and start exploring quickly. The shuttle buses run throughout the day and are located in Terminal C near Gates C-105 and C-106, as well as in Terminal E at Gate E-101. Directional signage within the airport will guide you to these stops.


Whether you are visiting Miami for business or pleasure, having the comfort of a Luxury Car Rental for Business Travel in Miami for your trip is essential. With Miles you will have access to first-class customer service, unique rates and top quality vehicles that will allow you to enjoy your trip in style.

The days when you had to cram your belongings into a tiny airport luggage cart and wait for the seemingly always full baggage carousel are long gone. With prices on vacation rentals in South Florida falling well below spring and summer highs, visitors to the region can now save money by foregoing the hotel option or skip asking their house hosts to let them use a car.

With a rental car you can explore beyond Miami and head down to Key West or all the way north into Florida’s Everglades national park. Miami is famous for its beaches but the city has so much more to offer.


Miami is a city that draws business travelers and tourists alike. The city offers a wide variety of entertainment, food and culture that caters to all types of visitors. A rental car makes it easy to drive out of the city and explore other attractions such as the Everglades National Park.

Miami has some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, but these areas are very small and not a reason to avoid visiting the city. As with any big city, visitors should be aware of their surroundings and take basic safety precautions such as carrying pepper spray or a personal alarm when out at night or in crowded areas.

For Enterprise and National rentals, a departmental billing account must be established by contacting Andrea Crane-Coyle. Employees/students that do not have a departmental account must provide a personal credit card at time of vehicle pick up and will be reimbursed per their travel policy.


When you rent a car in Miami, you have the freedom to explore Florida’s natural beauty. With the Everglades a short drive away, you can spend a few days birdwatching or kayaking in this unique landscape. If you want to go further afield, you can head north to Orlando or take a road trip down the coast to Florida’s famous beaches.

Miami International Airport has a rental car center located in the transportation center which is separate from the main terminal. From here, you can easily drive out to shop in Coral Gables or dine in exclusive Coconut Grove.

Discounted rates are available to UM faculty and staff through Enterprise and National. These rates do not include insurance. To obtain these discounted rates, a business account number is required. For university guests who do not have a business account, departmental billing accounts can be established upon request to the department travel coordinator. In these cases, a personal credit card is provided at vehicle pick up and travel expenses are reimbursed according to the travel policy.